I am an engineering leader, designer, and author, focused on producing excellent products. I have a broad background in technology including hands on experience with mobile, web and desktop platforms, numerous languages, and proven success in development, architecture, design and management roles. I focus primarily on startups, quickly moving from abstract ideas to working and evolving products in the marketplace.

I am currently the Chief Technology Officer at AllTrails where I run an international team of engineers building a suite of websites, APIs, Android, and iOS apps to help our members explore the outdoors. We are an agile team using a modified version of Scrum. In addition to my own active development role, I lead this multi-timezone and mostly remote team through weekly planning sessions, daily standups (via Google Hangout), code reviews (using GitHub pull requests), product reviews, deployments for all products, and maintenance.

Prior to my work at AllTrails, I was an early employee at Firethorn Mobile, an early player in the mobile payments space. I built the initial mobile banking app for J2ME BlackBerry which required developing a complete in house J2ME UI framework including custom drawn widgets, layout managers, and font support. Firethorn grew and was acquired by Qualcomm for over $250 million. Post acquisition, I lead mobile architecture for the company as we expanded the mobile banking product to support several hundred devices and was preloaded on all AT&T devices for several years. For this and other products, I directed the architecture for new products supporting Android and iOS and acted as a liason between engineers and the developers to bring these new products to market.

I spent the first several years of my career on Wall Street where I developed a number of stock and bond trading systems where I worked as an engineer, architect, team lead, and designer. Over this period, I worked for a number of large investment banks (including JP Morgan and Merrill Lynch) as well as smaller financial startups (including Liquidnet and Ballista Securities). Over this period I learned the important lessons of building mission criticial software that can not break as well as how to build easy to use software designed for a high stress workplace.

As an author, I've written and lectured extensively about my experiences in software. I've written for O'Reilly, Addision Wesley, JavaWorld, Java.net, and IBM DeveloperWorks, given talks at JavaOne, AndroidOpen, AndDevCon, and Carnegie Mellon University and guest lectured at New York University and Oberlin College.